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At IC Solutions, we provide a variety of business solution products and services to support the data management, analysis and reporting needs of our small, medium and large-sized clients.

IC Solutions works with you to improve (optimize) efficiencies in your information and reporting systems. Improved and simplified access to information results in better decision making and improved business results; cost reduction, more efficient cash flow tracking, improved inventory visibility and management, more efficient processes and use of resources.

IC Solutions utilizes strong business process knowledge combined with in-depth systems solutions knowledge and expertise to deliver high usability solutions on-time and on-budget that yield immediate benefits for long term solutions. Our strong business solution approach enables us to recommend phased approaches that align with your business needs, objectives, finances and other resources. IC Solutions integrates well with IT teams ensuring all around support. We provide clients administrative control ceasing dependence on developers. All of our solutions are professionally developed to ensure stability and security of the system and information.

We have a broad range of experience working with different business functions and are capable of building customized software to digitize and improve processes.

Our database skills allow us to handle large volumes of information and integrate with existing systems. We can assist with compiling, validating and submitting cost recovery claims in addition to creating data input forms, building complex functionality and producing reports & dashboards.

Examples of our Forms, Reports & Dashboards

We take time to understand your business, the day-to-day inefficiencies and current gaps in information systems. We provide knowledgeable recommendations and then work hands-on to design, develop and implement customized solutions based on your business goals and financial priorities. With usability being a high priority, intuitively designed, customized solutions augment your existing systems, causing no disruption to operations or IT teams and requiring minimal training. Our Usability and Solution Concept design, thorough customer usability testing, and on going technical support ensure implementation is risk-free. We continue to provide maintenance, support and development services to ensure our systems provide valuable information as your business grows and changes over the years.


“IC Solutions has done incredibly well improving work efficiency and filling many gaps in our information systems.”

“I would highly recommend IC Solutions to my peers and other members of the financial community.”

Janine Branch, CMA
Finance Manager, Oakville Plant
GE Consumer and Industrial Canada - Lighting


Our capabilities include...

✓ Business process improvements
✓ Data management services
✓ Requirements analysis
✓ Usability/solution concept & design
✓ Customized software development
✓ Implementation
✓ User training
✓ Documentation
✓ Ongoing maintenance
✓ Technical support
✓ Project management
✓ General IT services

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Process & Reporting Optimization Plan (PROP)

IC Solutions offers a complimentary Process and Reporting Optimization Plan (PROP) that provides a detailed roadmap to eliminate gaps in your information and reporting systems - cost effectively and risk free.

Often, managers know their business systems are in need of improvements but don’t have the time, resources or information available to source the right solution. The IC Solutions PROP analysis provides business executives and managers access to industry experts able to understand and document business processes in addition to providing recommendations to eliminate the current issues. Most importantly, the PROP analysis identifies benefits of implementation and provides a range of solution options in line with your goals, timelines, internal resources and budget.

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