Duty Recovery

Do you know how much your company spends in excess customs duty charges?

Are you aware of the opportunities available to recover cost?

  • Duty Drawback
  • Goods Returned
  • Customs Compliance
  • Valuation

Companies that import and export products on a regular basis may not be taking full advantage of government programs that exist to recover customs duty charges. Customs Duty Recovery & Compliance is a self-funding solution that enables businesses to recover excess duty payments and meet government compliance requirements for international imports/exports.

Through analysis of import & export process, IC Solutions can help identify opportunities to recover customs duty costs. IC Solutions can help you compile, validate and submit claims to the government to take advantage of cost recovery opportunities.

As a third party provider we will fully manage your data, submit monthly claims to the government, identify compliance concerns and deliver quarterly financial reports to summarize results and support accruals.

We will work with your business, broker, industry experts, auditors or provide customs contacts, as needed, to support the entire process. Our goal is to target immediate cost benefits and work with you to implement long term solutions.

Through analysis of import/ export processes we can...

  • Recover costs
  • Improve compliance to customs regulations
  • Streamline internal processes/ resources
  • Provide access to information to understand the financial impact

Success Story:

Recovery of more than $1,000,000 of excess duty payments & vendor billing errors

$100,000+ of additional annual savings

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Process & Reporting Optimization Plan (PROP)

IC Solutions offers a complimentary Process and Reporting Optimization Plan (PROP) that provides a detailed roadmap to eliminate gaps in your information and reporting systems - cost effectively and risk free.

Often, managers know their business systems are in need of improvements but don’t have the time, resources or information available to source the right solution. The IC Solutions PROP analysis provides business executives and managers access to industry experts able to understand and document business processes in addition to providing recommendations to eliminate the current issues. Most importantly, the PROP analysis identifies benefits of implementation and provides a range of solution options in line with your goals, timelines, internal resources and budget.

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