Are gaps and opportunities being identified through your audits?
Are repeat issues visible to your employees?
Is your current Quality System providing all that you need?

IC Solutions provides cost-effective, practical solutions to plug gaps in information systems. We develop customized software to improve efficiencies, manage costs, track information, integrate systems, facilitate communication and generate reports & dashboards to view key measurables at a glance.

Whether you have existing systems or looking to implement a new process, we can work to understand your unique business needs and design a solution that is right for you. Our knowledge and experience in business processes, quality systems and information technology allow us to guide you through each step of the way.

IC Solutions’ Quality Assurance System (QA System) helps companies effectively manage information and meet Quality System requirements (i.e. ISO, TS16949, M-1003). It has been designed specifically to track Customer complaints, Supplier non-conformance and Internal issues for improved data management and reporting.

  Our Solutions Can Provide       Benefits  
  Ability to track customer, supplier and internal issues     Record information quickly & easily  
  Consolidated information; one integrated system     Save Time  
  Secure login for multiple users /departments     Connect multiple business functions  
  Import to/export from existing information systems     Integrate with existing systems  
  Custom designed and flexible software     Adapt to changing business needs  
  Standardized input and reporting     Improve data accuracy  
  Reports and dashboards     Support better decision making  
  Data input of quality related costs     Understand impact  
  Preparation of supplier debit memos     Recover costs  
  Generation of supplier performance reports     Communicate results  
  Store contact information     Access to information  
  Maintain part masters and other definition tables     Maintain important data  
  Manage files, images and documents     Ensure document control  
  Common database and email notification     Facilitate communication  


“IC Solutions did a great job! …You addressed our critical-to-quality (CTQ’s) design requirements including elimination of non-value added work, data accuracy, controllership…”

Stephen Ostaszewicz
Controller, Mabe Canada Inc.

We Deliver...

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Issue tracking solutions
  • Reports & dashboards
  • Document control
  • Tools to manage quality costs

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Process & Reporting Optimization Plan (PROP)

IC Solutions offers a complimentary Process and Reporting Optimization Plan (PROP) that provides a detailed roadmap to eliminate gaps in your information and reporting systems - cost effectively and risk free.

Often, managers know their business systems are in need of improvements but don’t have the time, resources or information available to source the right solution. The IC Solutions PROP analysis provides business executives and managers access to industry experts able to understand and document business processes in addition to providing recommendations to eliminate the current issues. Most importantly, the PROP analysis identifies benefits of implementation and provides a range of solution options in line with your goals, timelines, internal resources and budget.

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